What is AbeBooks

AbeBooks is an online marketplace for books, fine art, and collectibles. As a seller, you can sell your products on Abe Books and make some extra money.

On AbeBooks, there are many sellers from around the globe that offer to sell different kinds of books (new and used) and other collectibles which buyers can buy.

If you are into books, you can know that sometimes finding the book you are searching for can become very difficult.

The good thing about AbeBooks is that they have a huge collection of rare books including signed copies, first editions, classics and even new books which makes for a very good inventory for book lovers.

AbeBooks is one of the first ecommerce companies, founded in 1995 and thier website, AbeBooks.com, was launched in 1996.

The business model works around the world via 6 international platforms which are AbeBooks.com, AbeBooks.co.uk, AbeBooks.de, AbeBooks.fr, AbeBooks.it, IberLibro.com, and ZVAB.com.

How AbeBooks Works?

AbeBooks is an online marketplace that was launched in 1996. It is a platform where you can buy brand-new books, used books, rare books, and even out-of-print books, as well as inexpensive textbooks for schools and colleges.

The platform connects buyers with hundreds of professional booksellers from all parts of the world.

There are millions of books listed for sale on the platform and Abe Books platform is convenient, safe, and secure.

All you need to do is search for your book, purchase a copy, and the bookseller ships it to you.

As a seller, signing up on Abebooks is fairly easy, and you can directly start selling your book inventory.

AbeBooks Features

Find Books Easily – Interest buyers looking for a specific book can make use of the search boxes to find their desired book which can be searched by author, title, keyword, or ISBN. The superior search tool aids in finding books by other key criteria such as the cost, publishing house, publishing date, bookseller location, and key attributes such as first edition, dust jacket, autographed.

Buy Without any Worries – The purchase order is shipped directly from the bookseller.

There is a guarantee of the condition of every book –it has to be as described on the platform.

Buyers are eligible for a refund – within a month in case they are unhappy because of a bookseller error or if the book fails to reach you. Books can be paid for via Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Additionally, different booksellers may also provide different payment methods for example PayPal, check, or direct transfer.

How to Make Money on AbeBooks

You can earn money via the Abe Books platform by selling books that are used, antique, rare collections, as well as art and collectibles.

To do this effectively, you will have to find a source of books, either a supplier in your locality or find a supplier who can ship books to the buyer after the order has come through.

Pros of AbeBooks

  • Sellers can very conveniently sell old books, rare collections of books, and even art and collectibles.
  • The shipping, payment method and cashout processes are very convenient.

Cons of AbeBooks

  • Both buyers and sellers have complained about the customer service, tracking number, shipping, and business days problems.
  • The platform charges a very high commission fee from the sellers. On every successful sale, the seller has to pay a fee of 13.5% plus the monthly membership fee of $25. Sellers are also required to pay a 5.5% transaction and cash out processing fee.
  • Sellers are more likely to make profits and not incur a huge loss when selling on other alternate platforms. Even having a garage sale is deemed better by quite a few people.