About Social Catfish

An online research company called Social Catfish is situated in Murrieta, California.  The business offers online identity verification in an effort to aid users in avoiding online fraud such romance scams.  Users can conduct background checks using their website and mobile app, including reverse image searches and social searches (names, emails, usernames, and phone numbers).  The business focuses in checking out if a person has been exposed as a catfish on other websites.


The business began as a blog to inform readers about internet fraud and catfishing. Today, Social Catfish is a feature-rich investigative tool that offers the ability to conduct criminal history checks.

Media outlets including Reuters, USA Today, and others have praised Social Catfish for its capacity to identify catfish.

They were ranked as the 118th fastest growing company in America and have been nominated for the Inc. 5000 awards. David McClellan, the founder of Social Catfish, was a semifinalist for the Spirit Awards for best service-based entrepreneur in the inland empire in 2019 and 2021.


A reverse image search engine is one of the services that Social Catfish offers. Following a search, data is supplied that has been aggregated based on public data and profiles from many platforms, including social media profiles. Their offices and facilities in the United States are where their website is managed and run. A members-only Facebook group is also used by Social Catfish. To warn others of potential danger, users of the page can post and share information about scammer profiles they may have seen online or scenarios they have dealt with. They also collaborate with the Responsible Data Alliance to improve the website’s privacy controls and safeguard users.

Frequently asked Q/A

Is the website social catfish reliable?

The consumer rating for Social Catfish is 2.5 stars out of 22 reviews, which shows that most customers are often unsatisfied with their purchases. The 76th-ranked site among those for business is Social Catfish.

Does using social catfish require payment?

A paid platform is Social Catfish. While you may conduct some basic searches for free, you must join one of its programs if you want to learn a person’s real identify. You have the option to only search images in one situation, or you can search by name, phone number, email address, etc. The subscription may be cancelled at any time.

Is it simple to stop social catfishing?

You must submit an opt-out form and receive an email asking you to confirm your request before you may unsubscribe from Social Catfish. In two to three weeks, your information will be deleted.

Why do people use social media to catfish?

Lack of confidence is the main cause of people catfishing others. People who are unhappy with their appearance may believe that being more attractive will allow them to express themselves freely without their fears getting in the way.