Referralcandy is a reference advertising programming that can be utilized by on-line stores and eCommerce organizations across different ventures, covering organizations, all things considered, including undertakings.

Referralcandy utilizes application mixes to associate with all the eCommerce stores. It gives apparatuses to setting up remunerations of store limits, cash pay outs or custom prizes. for references. The product coordinates with the promoting frameworks in the business for giving bits of knowledge on clients, deals and traffic.

Referral candy’s Referral Widget enlists clients into the reference program. It likewise gives installed join structures and a post buy popup, for making the reference program a piece of the shopping experience. Also, it gives devices to altering messages and pages to incorporate marking and devices for following income, traffic and top referrer subtleties.

Referralcandy is utilized by peers for

Measure Cycles -Reference the board, Engagement the executives, Campaign the      


Channel – Disconnected, Point of offer, E mail

Abilities – every minute of every day support, Custom reports, Chat support

Objectives – Increment deals and income, improve return for capital invested, Acquire clients

Industry – Showcasing and publicizing, Internet, Health, wellbeing and wellness

Features of Referralcandy

1. Close Bigger Accounts

Shutting a record or making an offer of any sort is a success. All things considered, your outreach group can invest their energy dealing with bigger records and make greater deals. Nonetheless, this happens just when the individual has set up some trust with your organization.

2. Makes an Expectation

When requesting that a customer allude you to a companion, it makes an assumption that your organization and your client are cooperating. This assists your clients with getting amped up for your organization and working with you. This makes a feeling of energy that exchanges to the individual they allude to.

3. References Produce Referrals

In this situation, client references can get viral – positively! At the point when somebody purchases products or administrations from your organization dependent on client reference, they’re much bound to tell others in the business on the off chance that they had a positive encounter.

4. Exhibit Why Customers Do Business with You

At the point when a client calls a companion or a partner at another organization and alludes them to you, it reminds them why they like to work with you. The explanation could be a client support agent they love managing or essentially the excellent of item sell.

5. References Cost Practically Zero

The expense for your organization when one of your clients alludes to your merchandise or administrations isn’t anything. You haven’t sent out a list or paid an outreach group part to stop by the client’s business. Informal exchange is an amazing driver of deals for any organization that takes is savvy enough to exploit it.

6. Advances to Your Client’s Image

When requesting that a customer allude your organization to another person, you are giving them a pat on the back essentially by suggesting that their assessment includes in their social and business circle. On the other side, when somebody offers your organization’s name as a reference, it shows that the individual being alluded values their assessment in your organization.

7. Increment Closing Rate

What number of leads and deals calls does it take your outreach group to finalize a negotiation? As per the Huffington Post, organizations see up to a 80 percent pace of closings when the business call came from solid client references and makes the organization cash.

8. Higher Rate of Overall Sales

At the point when somebody alludes your organization to somebody that they know through business or groups of friends, they realize that your organization is a solid match for that individual or business. This means higher by and large deals for your organization in light of the fact that the new client is as of now hoping to purchase the items or administrations you’re selling

9. Alluded Customers Remain Loyal

Nielsen reports that a reference from a companion is the most confided in type of showcasing. In addition to the fact that it is believed, it gets around all promotion blockers since it’s anything but an “advertisement.” Instead, it is a proposal from someone else.

10. Shows Your Company Is Doing It Right

In the event that your organization is offering an incredible item or administration at a reasonable value point, at that point your clients will be bound to send a reference business your way. It is shown that 83% of clients who had a positive involvement in an organization will expand references.

Referralcandy Alternatives

Investigate the best options in contrast to ReferralCandy for clients who need new programming highlights or need to attempt various arrangements. Client Advocacy Software is a broadly utilized innovation, and numerous individuals are looking for simply to utilize, secure programming arrangements with multichannel sharing, reference program, and checking. Other significant elements to consider while exploring options in contrast to ReferralCandy incorporate email and client assistance. We have accumulated a rundown of arrangements that analysts casted a ballot as the best in general other options and contenders to ReferralCandy, including, Influitive, Ambassador Referral Marketing, and Birdeye.

  • Referral Candy vs Invite Refferrals


  •  Referral Candy vs Talkable

  •  Referral Candy vs Friendbuy


ReferralCandy Pricing

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  • Valuing Model: Flat Rate Indeed, has free preliminary

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  • Valuing DETAILS (Provided by Vendor):
  • Valuing plans – We’re cantered around assisting you with getting deals. That is the reason our valuing depends on a commission of each effective reference deal you make. Discover more at!
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  • Be an Informed Buyer: Understanding the True Cost of Business Software
  • Reference Software Pricing Guide

Pros and Cons


  • “The simplicity of arrangement and executing into our WooCommerce commercial centre. Rep was an incredible assistance in guaranteeing we were live and practical with ReferralCandy.”
  • “As we are working an eCommerce site its significant for us to develop our clients base and what is best is to get reference traffic from existing clients.”
  • “We have a few reference missions and every one of them is achievement. We are getting acceptable quantities of reference traffic and sign up from these sources.”
  • “It’s been a decent encounter up until this point; however, we have not had a lot of karma so far getting references, yet that is more on us and our clients, not the product.”


  • “It very well may be a limit that our own framework has, however – since I’m not the person who carried out, I wouldn’t know.”
  • “Works however has restricted misrepresentation check capacities.”
  • “No dashboard for advocates, so they scarcely to follow their own exhibition.”
  • “Reconciliation was somewhat confounding seeing that there are numerous various approaches to incorporate it, which implies you may experience to difficulty shoot different various arrangements if an issue emerges.”


We required a basic reference framework we could enact to expand our securing. Most stages available have member advertising capacities that we didn’t require and their estimating scaled alongside that. ReferralCandy offered a basic reference framework that coordinated with our necessities in a simple to oversee bundle with a ton of insightful highlights that could get anybody’s reference program going rapidly