PCloud is the private cloud area where you are able to store all of your documents and folders. It’s a user friendly interface which clearly reveals where everything is found and what it will. The program is available for any platforms and devices — iOS and Android apparatus, MacOSX, Windows OS, and all of Linux distributions.

By installing pCloud in your computer, the program makes a protected virtual drive that expands your regional storage area.

Each change you make on your pCloud could be viewed instantly on your pc, tablet or phone computer. All of your devices are immediately synchronized and you’ve got direct file access to some upgrade you create.

PCloud program is available for Windows, Linux or macOS.

Follow these steps to understand how to set up pCloud Drive:

Once set up, you will see pCloud Drive, emerging as a virtual drive in your system. This desktop program expands your personal computer storage without taking up any extra physical space in your device.

Any modifications you make to documents from pCloud Drive will be accessible from my.pCloud.com as well as the mobile programs.

PCloud Characteristics

Anybody who signs up with pCloud immediately gets 10 GB of free storage. Should you invite your friends to combine , you can get 1 GB for every one, and enter to win 500 GB of storage. A whole potential space of 20 GB may be used free of charge with pCloud following all bonus choices.

Here are a few more noteworthy features:

  • Easily filter all of your documents by kind like images, sound, video, files, etc..
  • Upload entire folders through the Web Site.
  • Can look through all of your documents in the Site and cellular program.
  • Share documents with non-pCloud users.
  • Insert files in a remote URL.
  • Supports offline documents.
  • Alternative for anyone to upload files to your accounts with a shared URL.
  • Send documents to your accounts with a Exceptional email address.
  • Connect into your accounts within WebDAV.
  • Back up photographs in Facebook and Instagram into pCloud.
  • Handle shares from your Site, desktop applications, and cellular program.
  • Favourite folders for quick accessibility.
  • Choice to enable Automated photo/video uploads out of the mobile program.

Document Sharing With pCloud

Though shared folders and files can not be protected using a password, there are nevertheless a few fantastic features in regards to involving other people along with your pCloud documents.

There are two approaches to share folders out of pCloud

  • The first is to get people access. You can make this kind of connection for some of your documents from the site and the pCloud mobile program. Recipients do not need a pCloud accounts to start these kinds of connections and they are even able to download all of the documents in ZIP form.

You may even invite additional pCloud users to see and get a folder from the accounts. It is possible to provide the receiver read, make, alter, or delete accessibility to your folder. This sort of folder share could be initiated by the site, desktop app, and cellular program.

There is one other way to share folders with receivers but it is somewhat different than the normal method. Rather than sharing the documents from the folder, you are rather sharing the folder area . As a consequence, that you can construct a connection for one of your own folders to make it available to the general public, enabling anyone to upload documents into your pCloud account.

You have to specify the highest amount and size of documents that are permitted to be uploaded to this kind of folder, which will be ideal to block your accounts from filling with files that are public.

Once an upload folder URL is made, a exceptional email address can be displayed to people when they get the page, which may be used to send documents directly into the accounts via email.

While folder sharing gets the aforementioned possibilities, documents can only be shared only one way, which can be with the people (non-registered consumers ). Shared file URLs may be shortened into a little link for easier recall.

What really sets them apart are these two special features:

Lifetime Subscription

For a nominal one-time fee, you are able to subscribe for their services permanently with no yearly or monthly renewal fees.

PCloud Crypto

For the best in data security, you can choose to lock your files with encryption on your device before uploading . This secures it from any undesirable eyes and guarantees that only you (and whoever you give the key to) gets access to the file.


  • Never Lose A File Ever Again With PCloud’s Rewind System
  • First class Security To Protect Sensitive Files
  • Helpful File Management On The Go
  • Store Your Files From Other Online Platforms With Ease
  • Smooth User-Friendly Mobile App
  • PCloud Drive – Your Online Virtual Hard Drive
  • Chronicle All Your Essential But Hardly Used Data In A Data Vault
  • Simple Access To Your Files
  • Work together On Your Files Easily With Others


Since pCloud has gotten an opportunity to gain from other distributed storage items prior to delivering its own, it doesn’t actually have cons as an adaptable item.


pCloud is the business driving cloud administration with first class protection and security highlights. The most recent update for clients to pick the worker area shows pCloud devotion to getting information and giving clients opportunity.