What’s InMotion Hosting?

Most people involved with the hosting business Are familiarized with InMotion Hosting. InMotion currently has a client base of over 300,000 domain names. They’ve been building up their reputation because they had been set back in 2001. Designed for online businesses, InMotion also possesses a separate hosting company, Web Hosting Hub. Web Hosting Hub is for personal websites and bloggers.

InMotion Hosting has a Fantastic reputation and Large customer base that stands behind them. They have built their reputation in large part on their own services. We’ll dive into those soon.


  • 100% Dell servers-Install web servers employing the cheapest parts can save yourself a good deal of the company and the customer, but only worse. InMotion hosting dedicated becomes a professional quality as it merely uses Dell servers, the ones that led the entire globe for quality and performance.
  • No hidden fees for management panel control Panel included with all packages and no hidden charges will need to be compensated for any of the programs which are used to manage dedicated servers.
  • Support by the experts in server direction Experts always change the situation, though some may try to emulate.
  • For a limited time, InMotion hosting provides committed the free chip upgrade when advanced dedicated server purchased a special gift for those who are in the hunt for the very best.


Not every company Is Ideal, therefore InMotion is Not an exception. There are some disadvantages of the hosting provider.

  • The cost of the service is high enough. In fact, it has some affordable plans, however they have strict limitations. Consequently, for limited plans, the price is really large.
  • Another con is that you have to register for a full calendar year. In addition, the reduction is not available for up to a 2-yesr locking.

InMotion Hosting Features

InMotion Hosting offers lots of plans. They have a lot of features. No matter if you have a big or small site, they could support you. Now, let us look at the plans InMotion Hosting offers.

Shared Plans

Inmotion Hosting has three shared plans. These are called”Company” plans. Here are more details:

  • Launch. ($7.99/per month). Supports two websites. Unlimited bandwidth. Unlimited Space.
  • Power. ($9.99/month). Supports six websites. Unlimited bandwidth. Unlimited Space.
  • Pro ($15.99/month). Supports unlimited sites. Unlimited bandwidth. Unlimited Space.

Shared plans prices are on par with other hosts. I’ve worked out a deal. I can get you the Launch for $3.99/month. Power strategy for $5.99/month. The Pro for $13.99/month. Click here in order to get that special discount.

VPS Plans

InMotion does provide 3 VPS plans. Here Are the details:

  • VPS-1000HA-S. $29.99/month.  4 GB RAM. 60 GB disk space. Two TB bandwidth.
  • VPS-3000HA-S. $74.99/month.  8 GB RAM.  200 GB disk space. 4 TB bandwidth.
  • VPS-2000HA-S.  $49.99/month.  6 GB RAM.  130 GB disk space.  3 TB bandwidth.

cPanel does come free with each plan. Access your source use through their dash. Free backups. Unrestricted CPU core use.

Rates are right on par with GreenGeeks and GlowHost.

Reseller Plans

InMotion offers three reseller plans. Here are the facts:

  • R-1000S.  $13.99/month.  80 GB disk space.  800/month GB bandwidth.
  • R-1000S.  $19.99/month.  120 GB disk space.  1,200/month GB bandwidth.
  • R-1000S.  $27.49/month.  160 GB disk space.  1,600 GB/month bandwidth.Also,

Inmotion provides you lots of reseller features.

  • WHMCS.
  • SSD Hard drives.
  • Free eNome License.
  • cpanel
  • Auto Installer (310+ Applications).
  • Free Backups
  • White Labeling Branding.

Dedicated Plans

InMotion provides six dedicated Strategies.

  • Essentials. $99.99/month. 1 TB 7.2K HDD. 8 GB RAM. 6 TB data transport. 5 IP’s.
  • Advanced. $159.99/month. Two TB 7.2K HDD or 250 GB SSD. 16 GB RAM. 6 TB data transport. 10 IP’s.
  • Elite. $229.99/month. 2 2 TB 7.2K HDD pr two 250 GB SSD. 32 GB RAM. 6 TB data transfer. 15 IP’s.

InMotion Uptime & Performance


Uptime is strong with InMotion. Have a status upgrade page on their site. This reveals the status Of their servers. Problems can be viewed here.

Research shows InMotion has high uptime. Numerous sites tracked their uptime. HostingFacts.com reported 99.96% uptime. Uptime has been monitored for over 12 months. HostBenchMarker.com has stated their typical uptime is 99.96%. BestHostRatings.com has monitored them for 11 years. InMotion averages 99.906 % uptime.


InMotion does use SSD hard drives. All these are 20X faster than standard hard drives. The sector has been moving this way for years. They do allow you to select your servers places. I pointed this out with”Max Speed Zone Enabled.” Their information centers are in the United States. Server locations are on either the west or west each coast.

Speed is great. Research demonstrates InMotion’s Infrastructure is reliable. They have teamed with a lot of ISPs and use peering exchanges to make fast connections. Shivarweb.com demonstrates that TTFB (time to first byte) has been .694. They say that InMotion is one of the servers that are quicker. Hosting facts shows that ordinary loading times were 525ms. They are 37% compared to other hosts. Other hosting review websites like WhoIsHostingThis.com and WebHostingGeeks.com say that speed is fast.

InMotion Customer Support

Customer support is excellent. There Are Plenty of Tactics to contact InMotion. 24/7 support always around. Live chat, phone support, and support tickets are ways to get in touch. Support is in the USA. Research points to exceptional customer care. Many hosting review sites have collected lots of positive reviews. They state that customer service is top notch.

InMotion Hosting Review: Final Thoughts

Within this InMotion hosting review we Covered a lot. InMotion has a great deal of good things going for them as a hosting firm. However, they also have some areas where they can improve.

I see these fitting somewhere in the center in Terms of hosting Companies I’ve ranked. I would recommend InMotion, but there are Other hosts I would more highly recommend. I still think SiteGround is the best Option out there.