It is shocking but true! It has already been predicted by Mark Schaefer in 2014. The prediction should have been interpreted more as a warning but the marketing industry ignored it. The content production today is far more than the content consumption. People focus on writing more and more, without thinking about content readability and user friendliness.

The race of publishing most content with highest word count became popular and people kept on joining this rat race. Slowly and steadily results of lengthy content came as a shock to the audience as well as to the marketers. With no sustainable approach to Content Strategy, the content became repetitive and lacked creativity.


Here are the top 5 reasons that show more content is not good and can actually turn up as worse.

  1. Open up to Bad leads

Having created enough content, there comes a time when the base is completed and the topic becomes relevant for the customer. When you keep on writing pointlessly beyond that limit, the probability to reach other topics increases. For instance, when you reach out for topics like content, you might reach to various kinds of topics, writers and writers’ behaviors.

So there is always a good chance of drifting from the topic. This could also engage wrong customers who end up just keeping your funnel busy for no reason at all. It might result in blurring brand planning, engaging irrelevant audiences and manipulating funnel metrics.

  1. Confuses the Audience

Repetitive content does not give a clear picture to the readers. Content creators usually just go on extending an article so as to increase the word content. User-friendly meanings often get lost with repetitive content and confuses the audience.

  1. Maintain The Quality for your content

Content that works for any and every time must be upgraded over a period of time. Such upgraded content is usually useful for generating traffic, leads and sales for a company. Content require maintenance which when done gives powerful results. Update the content regularly by keeping following tips in mind-

  1. Add on timely information to the content
  2. Optimize the content with different set of keywords
  3. Ensure product tie-ins and call to action
  4. Always put in new images and links
  5. Target new set of audience by sharing and re-promoting the old content.


  1. The Less is Better

Marketing is all about being better, delivering better and promoting better. Doing too much means lacking on quality. Thus, it is important to focus on more and better. Publish well researched, authentic information so that the audience is interested and engages with your content.


  1. Go All Easy with Promotion

Keeping the content within limits means going authentic with promotion. You promote about what you have with no lies. It makes the promotion easy and opens up new paths for marketing. Focus more on marketing and promotion of content on social media, backlinks, etc. Less is better when you have to opt for real promotion.